With our wide selection of classes and schedules, you're sure to find one that fits your child's needs ... and yours, too!


Choose from: Infant, Preschool, Youth, and Adult Lessons ... all designed to grow confidence in the water no matter the beginning skill level.

SUMMER SESSION: For Swim Lesson Descriptions and Class Times, please click the button below.




Summer Swim Lessons registration and start times:
  JUNE 8: Member/Current Participant Registration
  JUNE 15: Open Registration
  WEEK OF JUNE 22: Lessons Begin


First-time participants will find it helpful to call the front desk (563.556.3371) or come in for a walk-through of the registration process!



About the
Divine Word Location

  Due to high enrollment demand, it has become increasingly difficult to staff two separate locations for our swim lessons and the many class options we offer. As a result, we will not be hosting lessons for the Spring or Summer sessions at Divine Word College in Epworth. 

  An invitation: We would love to have you join in the Dubuque program if at all possible.



  Swim year-round during all of our swim lesson sessions. Bring your kids to the Y for swim lessons and watch them learn life lessons!


Program Guide :: Summer 2015

Swim for Life


Add a Splash of Confidence, too!


The Y ensures a low instructor-to-student ratio to make sure your kids — and you — get plenty of personal attention.


Swim lessons not only keep kids safe in the water, but can also be the first step in:

:: learning to lifeguard,

:: being part of a swim team and

:: exercising through lap swimming.


Our experienced Y instructors emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance and social skills, while guiding students with praise and encouragement. Swim lessons are available for individuals of all ages and abilities. If you're unsure of your child's swim level, please contact the Aquatics Director. 


To view skills taught and learned at each level, check out Swim Lesson Descriptions by clicking on any Swim Level in each age category below.


Swimmer-toddler.jpg6-36 months :: Ratio. 1 Instructor : 10 kids

Parents accompany children aged 6 to 36 months in the water for these 30-minute lessons. Skills are introduced at the child's development level and build on each as the child progresses. Basic water skills are taught through fun songs and games.

Parent-Tot/Perch. 6-30 months.
Perch Plus. 30-36 months.


3-5 years :: Ratio. 1 Instructor : 4 kids

Your child will learn water safety and build a foundation of skills that lead to stroke development and confidence during these 45-minute lessons.







6 and older :: Ratio. 1 Instructor : 5 kids

Our trained instructors emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance and social skills during these 45-minute lessons.

Polliwog I

Guppy I

Guppy II

Polliwog II. 



Flying Fish



Swimmer-adult.pngSWIM CLUB

Ratio. 1 Instructor : 6 kids



Ratio. 1 Instructor : 5 participants

Beginner Adult. 

Intermediate Adult.